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1. Approach
2. Objective
3. Profile
4. Survey & Catalogue team
5. Catchment Area

6. Time Frame
7. Academic Programmes
8. Work Shops conducted
9. Publication
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  • Surveying, Cataloguing and Digitisation of Jain Manuscripts
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The “Jain Sidhanta Bhawan” better known as the “Central Jain Oriental Library, Arrah” was found in 1903 by L.Sri Devakumar Jain, a great scholar and philanthropist. The inspiration for such an institution came to him while he was on a long pilgrimage to the sacred shrines of South India.
          He had the occasion of viewing the collections of valuable manuscripts at several places and was moved to see their ill fate facing gradual destruction due to the ravages of time. He brought several manuscripts with himself while got others copied. He established a trust to finance and administer the affairs of the institution. His son, Shri Nirmal Kumar Jain was a very dynamic person and the library took great strides under his intelligent stewardship. In 1926, Saraswati Bhawan was constructed to house the library.

Features of the library:

The library has a valuable collection of manuscripts from all over the world. There are 3179 palm leaf manuscripts, 3500 paper manuscripts which are atleast five hundred years old.

Besides the manuscripts, the library has 9000 published books on religion, philosophy, history, and literature in nearly all the Indian and some foreign languages. 

There is also a collection of old paintings, pieces of art and old coins. Most conspicuous among these collections are the illustrated “ Jain Ramayan” and the “Bhaktamar”. There are nearly two hundred paintings in Jain Ramayan alone in excellent Mogal and Rajput styles.

Among the paintings on mythological subjects, treatment of the sixteen dreams of Chandragupta, the sixteen Tirthankar’s and Pawapuri temple are excellent pieces of art
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Survey and Catalogue team
Sri Navin Kr. Pandey (B.A) Sarangpur, Distt.-Bhojpur
Sri Satish Kr. Dubey (B.A) Sarangpur, Distt.-Bhojpur
Sri Jitendra Kr. Pandey (B.A) Khangao, Distt.-Bhojpur
Sri Jai Shanker (B.Sc) Ratanpur, Distt.-Bhojpur
Smt. Sarika Jain (B.A) Arrah
Smt. Sunita Jain Arrah
Kumari Anjana Jain (B.A) Arrah
Smt. Kusum Jain (M.A) Arrah
Sri Ajay Sisodia (B.A) Pandri, Distt.-Pratapgarh(U.P)
Sri Satendra Pandey (B.A) Sarangpur, Distt.-Bhojpur
Sri Dhananjay Pandey (B.A) Sarangpur, Distt.-Bhojpur
Sri A.K.Sharma (B.A) Ratanpur, Distt.-Bhojpur

Sri Rajesh Kr. Pathak (B.A)

Sri Santosh Pandey (B.A) Ratanpur, Distt.-Bhojpur
Kumari Poonam Singh (B.A) Kolkata
Kumari Alka Prasad (B.A) Kolkata
Sri Durgeshwar Mishra (B.A) Arrah
Sri Ravi Shanker Upadhiyay Ratanpur, Distt.-Bhojpur
Sri Manoj Dubey Sarangpur, Distt.-Bhojpur
Sri Surendra Kr. Jain (B.A) Varanasi
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Catchment Area

Areas allotted:

   States being covered :
     W. Bengal
     Eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal 

   States being surveyed
     W. Bengal
     Eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal

   No. of Institutes surveyed approximately:   352
   No. of Institutes covered:  152 

   No. of manuscripts catalogued :   56,055

   No. of Mss. Computerised : 56,410
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Time Frame

Commencement of the Project:  1 April 2003 

Time allotted:    18 months 

Time extended:   6 months

Time target:   31 March 2005 

Project Completion Date:    31 March 2005
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Academic Programmes

The research scholars working here have been awarded Ph. D and DLitt. degrees.  

Presently, research scholars are working on Jain Sanskrit Anthology, ‘Doha’ Literature in Apabhramsha, the Jain poetry in Sanskrit and poet Rayadhu of the Apabhramsba literature.
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Workshops Conducted
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  • A research biannual journal “ The Jain Antiquary” is being published since 1953
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