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1. Approach
2. Objective
3. Profile
4. Survey & Catalogue team
5. Catchment Area

6. Time Frame
7. Academic Programmes
8. Work Shops conducted
9. Publication
10.Picture gallery


The BLII was nominated as a Mss. Resource Centre along with five other Jain institutions for the preparation of National Register of Jain Manuscripts. Preparation of National Register of Jain Manuscripts, comprised of three stages: Information about Jain collections, their cataloguing and computerization of the data sheet.

            At the first stage, information was gathered about the Jaina collection of manuscripts from the published catalogues, and relevant literature.Members of the Jaina community, Jaina monks, editors of the Jaina magazines and Journals were contacted. Persons were engaged for surveying and collecting information about the Jaina Manuscript collection.

             At the second stage, two ways were adopted to prepare catalogues. Scholars visited the custodial institutions and filled the data sheets. To facilitate the scholars, who wanted to carry on the work on accession and cataloguing of the Mss. but found it difficult to visit the places of mss collection, photostat copies of the beginning and end folios of the several thousand manuscripts were obtained and supplied to the scholars working on the Mss. This way of outsourcing provided an opportunity to involve relatively large number of scholars in cataloguing as they could do this work sitting at their home or office. Then, the information collected on MD Sheets was entered in the cataloguing software  provided by National Informatics Centre.
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  • Bringing to light our immensely rich cultural heritage
  • To collect maximum information on manuscript collections, personal or institutional
  • To contribute in preparing an uniform national database of manuscripts
  • To bring awareness among people, students, scholars to save and preserve this invaluable heritage 
  • To make the data available at global level 
  • To facilitate the work of publication
  • To give a fillip to research in Indological subjects in general and Jainological projects in particular
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The Bhogilal Leherchand Institute of Indology is a premier institution of International repute located in the metropolis, engaged in research work on Indology, dissemination of knowledge on Prakrit Language & Literature, Jain Philosophy & Religion, Manuscriptology & Research Methodology etc. It was founded at Patan in Gujarat, the native place of Shri Bhogilal Leherchand, in 1980 and was headed by the eminent Indologist, Dr. V.M. Kulkarni. However, in 1984, inspired by the suggestion of Sadhvishree Mrigawatiji Maharaj, it was shifted to the Vijay Vallabh Smarak Complex, G.T. Karnal Road, Delhi. The aim was to give concrete shape to the ideals expressed by the revered Acharyaa.

The Institute has a rich collection of nearly 25,000 manuscripts, acquired from various Bhandaras including those brought over from Pakistan. In addition it has also acquired photocopies of 1500 selected manuscripts of the Hemchandracharya Jain Jnan Bhandar, Patan. Some of the mss. are rare and exquisitely illustrated. The finest specimens of some illustrated manuscripts have been displayed in the museum. Annexe of the Smaraka. The Institute plans to put the library and the manuscript collection directly on the computer and the Internet, to benefit scholars all over the world.

The Institute has built up a very rich and well-managed library. Presently, there are 25,000 plus, printed books and it also subscribes to National/ International Indological Journals. 

The institute awards fellowships and scholarships, holds National, International Seminars and 2-4 week-long Intensive Summer Schools on yearly basis.  
The Institute also has a well equipped computer centre with E-mail and Internet facilities. 

Since the BLII, owns about 25,000 Mss., a Manuscript conservation laboratory has been set up since the 18th of June 2000. 

Project Coordinator 

              March, 2003 to June 2003      Prof.VP Jain, Director, BLII.
              July ,2003 to November 2004 Prof. JP Vidyalankar, Director, BLII.
              January, 2005 onwards: Prof.VP Jain, Director, BLII.
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Survey and Catalogue team

Dr.R.K. Vashisth, Reader, Sanskrit and Manuscriptology, Shivaji College, DU.

Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Jain, M A Ph.D., Prakrit, Sanskrit, Gujarati and Manuscriptology, Now Lecturer at Gujarat University, Ahmedabad.

Dr. Kamlesh Kumar Jain, M.A., Acharya, Ph.D. Jain philosophy, Prakrit, Sanskrit, Gujarati and Manuscriptology, (Associate Professor, BLII).

Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh, M.A., D. Phil, Sanskrit, Prakrit, Gujarati and Manuscriptology, (Associate Professor, BLII).

Shri A N Pathak, M.A. (Sanskrit) (Asst. Librarian, BLII)

Dr. Mohan Pandey, Acarya (Sanskrit) Ph.D. (Cataloguer, BLII)

Dr.Anekant Jain, MA Ph.D. Prakrit, Sanskrit, Gujarati and Manuscriptology, Lecturer, Lal Bahadura Sastri Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapith, Delhi.

Dr.Kalpana Jain, Prakrit, Sanskrit, Gujarati and Manuscriptology, Lecturer, Lal Bahadura Sastri Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapith, Delhi.

Ranapratap Singh, Research Scholar, Sanskrit, DU.

Dr. S S Rana
, D U.

Mr.Virjanand, Sanskrit, Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, Jhajjara, Haryana.

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Catchment Area
Area allotted
   States of Delhi
   Himachal Pradesh 
   Jammu & Kashmir 

States being covered:

No. of Institutes surveyed approximately: 40 

No. of manuscripts catalogued: 35,000 approx.
No. of manuscripts computerised: 33,000 approx.
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Time Frame

Commencement of the Project: March 2003

Time target: Two Years (appro. 25, 000 mss. per annum)

Target: cataloguing of 50,000 mss. stored in the Jain collections. 

Time target: The institute is required to complete its work of cataloguing the Jain manuscripts as a Nodal Agency for Jain Manuscript Mission by the end of September 2005.

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Academic Programmes

The Summer Schools

Prakrit Language and Literature: A regular annual feature for the last seventeen years 

Jain Religion and Philosophy

Manuscriptology: A certificate is awarded to those who complete the course and successfully pass all the tests/ examinations held.

Meritorious students in all the 3 courses are given prizes in cash and kind.


The Institute has conducted 4 National Seminars, 3 International Seminars, and various Workshops on different topics for benefit of the academic community. 

Special Lectures

The Bhogilal Leherchand Memorial lectures have been a distinctive activity of the Institute. 

Scholarships And Fellowships

With a view to attract and encourage young scholars and researchers to undertake these branches of study, the Institute has provision for scholarships at the postgraduate, doctoral and post-doctoral levels. 

Honours And Awards

On the occasion of consecration of the Smarak, a shawl and Rs. 21,000/- each were presented to the 4 eminent scholars on 9.2.1989, for their services to Indological Studies 

Institution Of Acharya Hemachandrasuri Puraskara
An Annual Award of Rs. 51,000/- named after Acharya Hemachandrasuri, the 11th-12th century Skt./Pkt. grammarian, is presented to a scholar for outstanding services to Jain Art, Culture, Literature, Religion, Philosophy and History.
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Workshops Conducted
  • Workshop on Manuscriptology
    One week course on Manuscriptology conducted by BLII along with that on Prakrit Language and Literature from May 8th to May 29th 2005(in total three week 38 students hailing from the Universities, colleges and Institutes of Oriental learning from all over India are attending this workshop. The scholars are Readers, Sr. lecturers, and lecturers, Post-doctoral Fellows, P-h. D. Scholars and post –graduate students.
  • Exhibition
    To create awareness among the people, the Institute has exhibited the illustrated, specially the gold coated and several very old manuscripts (of the collection of BLII) in its museum (in show cases).
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  • The BLII has been thoroughly engaged in various publication and research activities since its inception. So far the Institute has published the 17 books of high scholastic value. Besides, a number of publications under preparation.
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