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1. Approach
2. Objective
3. Profile
4. Survey & Catalogue team
5. Catchment Area

6. Time Frame
7. Academic Programmes
8. Work Shops conducted
9. Publication
10.Picture gallery


 Kundakunda Jnanapitha (KKJ) is busy in catalouging of the MSS since 1999 in association with other organisations. During 26th Centenary Birth centenary celebration of Lord Mahavira A very Important Project has been launched by Ministry of Culture through National Archives of India. In process of decentralization of the work and taking effective co-operation of Jaina Social organizations. Five Nodal Agencies have been appointed by the National Archives of India in Feb.2003. Kundakunda Jnanapith is a one of the 5 Nodal Agencies who is assigned the work for Madhya Pradesh and Maharastra region together with the adjoin areas.
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 Manuscripts are the important source of our traditional and useful knowledge. Jaina manuscripts are integral part of Indian manuscripts. In about 10,000 Jaina bhandars, about 10 lacs manuscripts are still lying in India. Some efforts have been made to produce the catalogs of Jaina Bhandars but they are not sufficient. Uptil now we have received following catalogues of Jaina Bhandars.

    * Jinaratna Kosa, Poona.
    * Kannada Prantiya Tadapatriya Grantha. Suchi, Moodbidri (Karnataka)
    * Jaina Siddhanta Bhawana Granthavali, Arrah.
    * Anekanta Granthavali, Bina (Sagar)
    * Rajsthana ke Jain Shastra Bhandaro ki Suchi, Jaipur.
    * Dilli Jina Granth Ratnavali, Delhi.
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 Kundakunda Jnanapitha, Indore was established by Shri Deokumarsinghji Kasliwal on 19-10-1987 under Digambara Jaina Udasina Ashram Trust, Indore. The main objective of the Institute is to promote Scientific Studies in Jainism and History & Archelogy of Jaina religion. The Institute was recognized as a Ph.D. research center by Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidyalaya, (University) Indore in the following 5 subjects of Science and Art Faculties

 1- Ancient Indian Mathematics & History of Mathematics. 
2- Environment and Ecological Sciences.
3- Prakrit, Pali, Apabharnsh & other oriental languages.
4- Comparative Religion.
5- Ancient Indian History, Cultural & Archaelogy.

 Reference Library -

'Kundakunda Jnanapitha Pustakalya' having 12500 books and 350 periodical comming regularly here.

From the very beginning Shri Dev Kumar Singh Kasliwal is Patronizing. The Institute as President and Dr. Anupam Jain is looking after entire executive and acedemic work as Secretary. Presently Prof. A.A.Abbasi (Ex-V.C.) is the Chairman of Board of Directors since 1999. Dr. Ajit Kumar Singh Kasliwal actively engaged in the development activities of the Institute as treasurer. Present organizational structure of the Nodal Agency Kundakunda
Jnanapitha is following

 Nodal Agency -

    Name - Kundkund Jnanapitha, Indore
    President - Shri Deokumar Singh Kasliwal, Indore
    Secretary - Dr. Anupam Jain, Indore
    Treasurer - Dr. Ajit Kumar Singh Kasliwal, Indore
    Chairman Board of Directors - Prof. A.A. Abbasi EX. V.C., Indore

 Member Board of Directors

   Prof. S.C. Agrawal (Meerut) 
   Prof. Nalin K. Shastri (Delhi)
   Prof. P.N. Mishra (Indore)
   Prof. G. Kawadia (Indore)
   Prof. Narendra Dhakad (Indore)
   Dr. N.P.Jain (Indore)
   Dr. Prakash Chandra Jain (Indore) 

 Member Secretary  - 

   Dr. Anupam Jain, (Indore)

 Project Co-oridinator -

  Dr. Anupam Jain
  Gyan Chhaya
  D- 14, Sudama Nagar
  Indore - 452 009
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Survey and Catalogue team

 An extensive survey of 30 districts of M.P., 2 of Chhatisagarh 2 of U.P. and 20 of Maharastra region has been made and for cataloguing purpose 25 teams have been formed.
 All are atleast graduate. Some of them are post graduate in Art Faculty specially in oriental languages. The list of 65 trainees are given below. Most of them live in Indore but some of them belongs to Ujjain, Raipur, Khandwa, Sonagir,(Datia) Jaipur, Bina (Sagar) and Tikamgarh District too. They have made an extensive survey of 31 Dist. of M.P., 20 of Maharastra, 2 of Chhattisagarh & 2 of U.P. ...

 Br. Rajani Jain, Indore
 Br. Aarti Jain, Firozabad (U.P.)
 Shri Rakesh Jain, Indore
 Pandit Rajendra Kumar Jain, Ujjain
 Shri Satish Jain, Indore
 Shri Dhirendra Kumar Jain, Indore
 Shri Sandesh Jain, Indore
 Shri Sachin Kumar Jain, Indore
 Shri Navin Kumar Verma, Indore
 Ku. Vandana Sharma, Indore
 Shri Mukesh Jain, Indore
 Smt. Manisha Jain, Indore
 Ku. Ruchi Jain, Indore
 Ku. Deepika Jain, Indore
 Ku. Nupur Shrimal, Indore
 Ku. Payal Shrimal, Indore
 Smt. Lalita Sethi, Indore
 Shri Pushpendra Kumar Jain, Indore
 Shri Kapil Tiwari, Indore
 Shri Vijay Gujaria, Indore
 Shri Vishal Kumar Jain, Indore
 Shri Sanjay Jain, Indore
 Shri Rupesh Jain, Khandwa
 Shri Nemichandra Jain, Indore
 Shri Animesh Ranvka, Indore
 Shri Narendra Kumar Jain, Ujjain
 Shri Bhau Rao Badnore,Ujjain
 Shri Nagendra Kumar Jain, Tikamgarh
 Br. Rekha Jain, Tikamgarh
 Shri Akhilesh Jain, Chhatarpur
 Shri Shailendra Mishra , Indore
 Shri Manish Kumar Jain, Indore
 Shri Virendra Kumar Jain, Indore
 Smt. Asha Jain, Indore
 Smt. Anupama Jain, Indore
 Shri Chandra Prakash Jain, 'Chandar' Sonagir (Datia)
 Shri Dhiraj Kumar Jain, Indore
 Ku. Megha Shrivastava, Indore
 Shri Mohan Jain, Bhind
 Br. Mahendra Jain, Jabalpur
 Shri Narendra Kumar Dixit, Indore
 Ku. Rupali Luhadia, Ujjain
 Shri Rajesh Kumar Jain, Indore
 Shri Rakesh Kumar Jain, Pawai
 Shri Sunil Kumar Patel, Indore
 Shri Vivek Jain, Raipur (C.G.)
 Smt. Veena Jain, Sihora (Jabalpur)
 Shri Brahmprakash Sharma, Indore
 Shri Anurag Jain, Jaipur
 Shri Ashish Nahta, Indore
 Shri Anubhav Kumar Jain, Indore
 Shri Arvind Dubey, Indore.
 Shri Rishabh Kumar Jain,Tikamgarh
 Shri Shitosh Kumar Jain,Tikamgarh
 Shri Ashish Jain,Tikamgarh
 Shri Deepak Jadhav, Barwani
 Shri Hemraj Jain, Indore
 Shri Jeevan Prakash Jain,Indore
 Shri Komalchand Jain, Indore
 Shri Neeraj Jain, Indore
 Shri Prakashchandra Jain, Indore
 Shri Ravikant Vats, Mustfapur 
 Ku. Seema Jain, Ujjain
 Shri Satish Jain, Ujjain
 Shri Vijay Jain, Indore.

The name of the Instructors with designations are given below-

  Dr. Pramod Mehra, Dy.Director- National Archives, New Delhi
  Br. Sandeep Jain, 'Saral' , Director-Anekant Gyan Mandir,Bina
  Dr. Sanjiv Saraf, Dy. Librarian, B.H.U.Varanasi
  Dr. Mahendra Kumar Jain, "Manuj',Traditional Scholar, Indore
  Br. Rajni Jain, Traditional Scholar,Indore.

Mr. Arvind Kumar Jain was the Conveyor of training program. He was manager of the project too. He guided the Surveyors and Cataloguers to make a tour programme and solve their day to day problems. Mrs. Surekha Mishra, Mr. Manakchand Jain & Miss Neetu Jain helped him. Br. Rajni Jain who have a good knowledge of Reading MSS helped a lot. Mr. Sanjay Seth M.C.A. guides us to solve the related problems. Computerisation work was done by Miss Neetu Jain & Mr. Visal Jain and checking of entries made by Br. Rajni Jain.
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Catchment Area

 Since 1999 we are busy in survey and cataloguing of manuscripts lying in Jain Bhandars. The project of listing of published Jaina, works and Manuscripts conducted by institute up to 31-03-2003. Project of National Register of Jaina Manuscripts has been conducted by it during April-03, Oct. 04 under the able guidance of National Archives of India. Under this
project cataloguing of 58766 Manuscripts laying in 479 Jain Bhandars of M.P., Chhattisagarh and Maharastra Region have been done.

Summary of it is as following..

  Madhya Pradesh

  Catalogued Bhandars                    322
  No. of dist. covered                     31
  Catalogued Manuscripts                41,900


  Catalogued Bhandars                    96
  No. of dist. covered                     20
  Catalogued Manuscripts                13,131


  Catalogued Bhandars                    03
  No. of dist. covered                     02
  Catalogued Manuscripts                146

  Districts of  M.P & U.P  Borders

  Catalogued Bhandars                    58
  No. of dist. covered                     02
  Catalogued Manuscripts                3,589


  Catalogued Bhandars                    479
  No. of dist. covered                     55
  Catalogued Manuscripts                58,766
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Time Frame

  Time Target      : 18 months
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Academic Programmes

 Examination Board- Kundakunda Jnanapitha Pariksha Sansthan -
 Working since 1987, it has successfully conducted examination of 1,50,000
students in last 18 years appeared from 125 centers of India.

 Annual Awards -

 3 Arhat Vacana Awards of Rs. 5,000,Rs. 3000 
    & Rs. 2,000 each                                           -- Since 1990 Regularly

 Kundakunda Jnanapitha Award in the field of Jainology.
  Rs. 25,000=00                                                 -- Since 1993 Regularly

 J├▒anodaya Award in the field of Jain Historical Studies.
 Rs. 11,000=00                                                  -- Since 1998 Regularly

 Lecture Series - we regularly organizing two series -

 I. Kundakunda Lecture Series       -- Since 1989. 
    15 Lectures have been organized

II. Jinendra Varni Memorial Lecture -- Since 1996.
    4 Lectures have been organized

 Annual Symposium

We regularly organize Jaina Vidya Sangosthi since 1992. Recently we have successfully organized an International Conference on History & Heritage of Mathematical Sciences in association with I.S.H.M. and Holkar Autonomous Science College, Indore during 16-19 Dec. 2004. It was attended by 25 foreign and 116 Indian delegates. It is one of the participating institute to organise First International Summer School for Jaina Studies. Classes were arranged here during15-26 July 2005.

 Research Projects

Besides many M.A/M.Sc. and M.Phil Projects, It financially and academically assisted 19 students for their Ph.D.in submitting their dissertation in D.A.V.V. Indore and other Universities.
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Workshops Conducted

 Just after assigning the task by National Archives of India to Kundakunda Jnanapitha, (KKJ) three training camps were organised by KKJ Indore.
 I. 16-18 May 2003
 II. 22-24 July 2003
 III. 19-21 Sep.2003 
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books of prime importance have been published so far. Which includes the titles of Moral Education, Life Sciences, Mathematics, History & Archaeology.

Quarterly Research Journal - Arhat Vacana

It is regularly published since 1988. So far 65 issues have been published .
It is devided specially to the Scientific aspect of Jainism and Jaina History & Archaeology
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